Penile Enlargement by Stretching: Is it for You?

There have been numerous studies done on the various ways to lengthen penile tissue, and increase girth. While men may be satisfied with their current erect penile size, they may decide that a little more length or girth wouldn’t hurt. Penile tractions devices are a great way to accomplish this, but they may not be for everyone.

What do you need to know?

To see results with devices of this nature, you must wear them consistently, sometimes for several hours a day for a period of months to reach the desired proportions. These devices utilize mechanical traction that works in a progressive manner to elongate the penile tissue and studies indicate that they produce reliable and durable results. Meaning, that once you reach the desired size and stop the treatments, you will not simply revert to your former size, which is a major benefit.

penis-stretching-tipsUsing a penile extender in conjunction with a penis pump and even male enhancement supplements can greatly advance this process. Nothing ever works as well utilizing only one component, and this is no different. Using additional measures can vastly improve result time and the amount of progress within that time.

In years past, tribal people have used traction to elongate various portions of their bodies, the ears the skin under the mouth etc. The principle utilized by these ancient people is the same as with these more modern devices, with a more practical application of enlarging penile size and width substantially. The FDA has subjected the devices used in penile extension processes to a very rigorous testing regimen, and they are guaranteed safe when used properly.

But how does it work

This question is one that is often asked, and is easily explained. When you exercise in the gym, you tear your muscles and once this occurs new cells move in to bridge the hole caused by this tear.

penis_stretcherPenile traction devices operate under the same principle. When your skin heals, for instance it does so by producing new cells that form scars over whatever wound you have acquired. The muscles work in a similar way, the stress cause by doing exercise causes tiny microscopic tears, and then new cells fill in this hole. Every time this occurs, the same thing happens, and the muscles grow larger and larger. We have all seen bodybuilders with their large muscular arms and legs, this is the same thing.

Using a penile extension device, you are using traction to keep a certain amount of carefully calibrated and continuously applied pressure to the penis. When you do this, you are placing the tissue under a certain amount of stress, and opening spaces between the cells. This cause your body to start the healing process and produce new cells that will divide and fill up this space. enlarge-penis-sizeThis division, when repeated safely and over a length of time, safely enlarges the penis in both length and girth. This process can be done over and over, as with skin grafts and bodybuilding, until the desired amount of new tissue has been increased.

Choosing an effective extender is important, for safety as well as comfort. You want results of course, but you have to remember that you may be wearing this device anywhere from four to eight hours a day, probably for several months. You will need to find out how each device can best work for the schedule you want to use it for, something with built in straps or creams that will ease the way to everyday wearability is a good idea. Finding a traction device to extend penile length that offers comfort as well, is vital to seeing results.